TGNP AND UNFPA to extend partnership to end GBV in TZ.

By Davice Collins.

For over 25 years TGNP Mtandao has been advocating around gender equality, provision of social services and eradication of various harmful practices in the society. For 2018 TGNP extends her partnership with UNFPA Tanzania to enhance prevention of violence against women and children in the country and beyond.

This initiative will include strengthening of responses to eliminate gender based violence practices such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), early, child and forced marriages in many areas in Tanzania.  Also as far as transformation is concerned, strengthening civil society and community mobilization will be part of eliminate discriminatory gender and social cultural norms affecting women and children.

Speaking during the occasion, UNFPA Country representative, Ms. Jacqueline Mahon, explains, “we look forward for a very successful partnership that will be very effective to ensure issues of GBV mostly FGM in Tanzania are responded and finally ended”

Also TGNP Mtandao Executive Director, Lilian Liundi commends on the support that UNFPA has been providing for the past years, “I would like to appreciate for your support to help our country, we as TGNP Mtandao will ensure that our intervention and programmes will play a vital role to awaken our communities on the disadvantages of various social cultural norms such as FGM, GBV and others, that have been affecting us for a long time. We believe through gender equality in all aspects sustainable development is inevitable.

TGNP Mtandao, Executive Director Lilian Liundi (right) and UNFPA Reprentative Jacqueline Mahon (left) shaking hands after the signing of the partnering project at UNFPA premises.