Online programme to empower young women leaders launched

Gender Training Institute (GTI) Coordinator Jane Tesha speaks in Dar es Salaam on Saturday during the launch of an online programme for mentoring young women in leadership . Centre is Prof Esther Mwaikambo, First female doctor in Tanzania and TGNP’s Executive Director Lilian Liundi. PHOTO | OMAR FUNGO

By Hellen Nachilongo

In Summary

GTI has launched an online programme to empower young women in leadership through its  the gender networking group is set to mentor women on how to ascend to and manage top leadership positions.

GTI coordinator Jane Tesha said yesterday at a press briefing in Dar es Salaam that the programme would focus to direct young women.

According to her, the launching of the programme goes along with informing the society about the leadership opportunities that are on tap for women.

“For a start, a total of 33 young ladies will have an opportunity to be trained for six months, the training will be offered by the young women who have already undergone through leadership programmes so that they can learn from them,” she said.

Ms Tesha further explained that most women are capable of being good leaders but they have not been given a chance.

“It is the time to recognise contribution of young women…. And to give them an opportunity in leadership positions,” she said.

She also explained the main objectives of the programme is to increase leadership incubators to enhance leadership, build understanding in Feminist Consciousness Building, promote Professional development ,enhance network building and foster inter-generational linkage for sisterhood.

Every month, she noted, GTI would be uploading online materials on leadership to help young women access better techniques on how to be good leaders.

TGNP Executive Director Lilian Liundi explained, it is that with the equal presence of women and men in decision-making processes, the needs of women and marginalized people are better met and considered. By having a gender balanced leadership in both the public and private sectors, the needs of all people are better addressed and economies develop further.

She also added that for the start, they were focusing on youth located in urban centres.

“We are currently working on a programme that will focus on rural young women. After finalising the preparations, we are going to launch it,” she said.