For over 25 years TGNP Mtandao has been advocating against Gender Based Violence in Tanzania and beyond. As we have all heard and seen most tragic incidences such as beatings, FGM, Rape, sexual harassment and many others that dominated in our societies.  Many techniques have been used including educating the society through advocacy campaigns and even lobbying various government authorities to set measures against perpetrators. The most affected groups were found to be women, children and people living with disabilities.

However, one among the major challenge faced while addressing the problem was availability of data that provides evidence and the real picture of the situation.

That being the case, in 2017 TGNP Mtandao saw a need to develop a Gender Based Violence Data Management system that will capture cases and provide statistics on various spheres of the problem.

For that to be fully implemented, TGNP has partnered with the Southern African Aids Trust (SAT) to develop thE Database system known as UKATILI DATA that will capture various GBV cases and develop statistical graphs/figures to provide information to CSO’s and government that will help in solving the problems.

Currently, TGNP has also partnered with other CSO’s in Tanzania that deal with GBV and human rights such as TAWLA, TAMWA, WILAC, WILDAF, CDF, TAWIA, FCS and the police gender desks to administer this Database by having information fed from various victims who visit the organizations for services.

This will enable the victims to helped by the organizations since it provides referrals from one human rights service provider to another to enable the case to be solved depending on the organization’s expertise.

Mr Praise, a technical personnel from SAT explained on how the system ensures safety and security of the information within partners and cannot easily be disclosed to the mass.” The only information that we as partner will share is the statistical data that the system provides and that is for advocacy purposes, all private information about the client/ victim will stay within the partners referred”, says praise.

SAT technical team demonstrating the GBV Data Manangement system to partnering CSO’s

Also the TGNP Mtandao Executive Director, Lilian Liundi urged that, there is no need to fear challenges rather, focus on making a step ensuring the Data management system takes off. “It’s not easy for everyone to adopt this technology but if we all concentrate on making the system resourceful other partners and authorities will join and surely GBV will eventually become history.