School Gender Hubs Champions against Gender Based Violence.

TGNP Mtandao collaborating with school gender hubs from various primary and secondary schools in Kipunguni, Makumbusho and Mabibo wards, Dar es salaam have conducted an inter school competition aiming to share knowledge, experience and strategies to fight against gender based violence.

The competition was part of commemorating the 16 days of activism, students had an opportunity to compete on Q & A on gender related topics to advocate more on eliminating gender based incidences such as rape, beatings, Female Genital Mutilation and many other forms of physical and psychological violence.


Students sharing experiences on how they championed against GBV in their communities during the event. 

Speaking during the event, TGNP Mtandao Movement Building Officer Deograthius Temba explained that the competitions done are part of creating future activists who will champion to combat GBV in the community.

“The main purpose of the gender clubs is creating and incubate new heroes and heroines who will stand against all forms of oppression against women, children and the marginalized” he says.

During the session the students got an opportunity to know the history of 16 days of activism and to why it is very important to stand forward to walk forward to speak out when such evil and tragic things happen in schools and communities they come from.

However, students also shared challenges faced on their day to day studies. One of the problem that was common in every school is the issue of water in schools and availability of sanitary pads to girls in schools during their menstruation days.

“Most girls fail to come to school during their monthly periods failure to afford sanitary pads which are costful compared to the affordability of the students. Also, water is a problem in most schools both secondary and primary that makes it unsafe to attend classes on such days” explains Zuleha Salehe a primary school teacher from Kilimani Primary school in Kipunguni ward.

As part of finding solution to the problem, the clubs urged companies and organizations private and public to take the issue of sanitary pads as a social responsibility to help girls in schools. Concerning eradicating gender based violence they also recommended that all citizen adults, youth and children to be willing to report gender based incidences occurring on their presence this will be a great help in creating awareness and solving the problem.