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District councils unite for Gender Sensitive Budgets.

TGNP Mtandao hosted a two days experience sharing session with District chairpersons and mayors from Tarime, Ilala, Kishapu, Morogoro Rural and Mbeya districts as part of exchanging information and strategies on how to develop gender sensitive budgets.

As part of learning, TGNP Mtandao introduced the officials on various gender concepts and key areas that will be more potential when developing a gender sensitive budget, including water, health, agriculture and education.

Speaking during the session, Chairperson of Kishapu district, Mr Boniface Butondo explains on how gender budgeting has solved the problem of girls missing school during the menstruation days due to lack of facilities to cater them in schools such as Sanitary pads and clean water.

“ On our 2017/2018 budget we are fortunate to provide 30 Million as part of helping young girls who cannot afford sanitary pads in school, that has assisted them to attend school without missing, before we had this money, girls used to miss out 3 to 5 days because they lacked such facilities“ He explained.

 Chairperson of Kishapu district, Mr Boniface Butondo speaking during the session at TGNP Mtandao premises at Mabibo, Dsm

Recalling during the 2017 Gender festival, TGNP awarded the districts that managed to include the issue of sanitary pads to girls in schools that being Kishapu district and Kisarawe. This motivated various districts councils to take such step. This was proven by Mr Moses Misiwa Chairperson of Tarime District.

“ I am very excited attend this session, personally i was very inspired by my fellow district councils as we witnessed them awarded by the Vice president during the Gender Festival. As part of learning i would like to promise that this issue of sanitary pads will be included in our budgets, and am confident to say that we can afford that from our district revenues“ he says.

Apart from menstrual hygiene to girls in schools, the district chairpersons have also complained urging TGNP Mtandao to use the same force to address issues around agriculture. Recently the sector has been left behind by the government and it affects women who are the main actors.

Putting aside their political parties affiliations, the councils from the two districts agreed to set fund from internal sources to ensure that their budgets are very gender sensitive.

” we agree it is inevitable to develop if we are no being fair to some groups in the communities mostly women” they all say. 

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