Women MP’s support availability of safe menstrual facilities & products to reduce absentees for girls in schools

In a meeting convined by TGNP in Dodoma on 10th of feb 2017, women MP’s from all political parties in Tanzania agreed to support TGNP’s agenda of ensuring sanitary pads are available in schools. During the session TGNP underscored the link between the high absentee rate of girls in schools and the lack of menstrual hygiene products. For many girls the cost of sanitary pads are so high they are unaffordable. Without access to sanitary products girls don’t go to school on average 5 days each month, when they are menstruating.
Speaking during the session the deputy speaker of the national assembly, Hon Dr Tulia Ackson congratulated TGNP on the movement done, accepting to solve the problem starting by setting tax charges that will be allocated to cover the expense of having sanitary pads in schools. “Having the pads is one thing but we need to ensure the coming budget looks on the availability of water in schools ensuring a better hygiene for girls” she added.

Deputy speaker of the National Assembly, Hon Tulia Akson addressing women MP’s during the session.

Also TGNP’s head of activism and movement building, Grace Kisetu suggested on having a special teacher and exchanging room for girls to help them during the monthly cycle days. That will set a comfortable environment for girls to study peacefully.

TGNP facilitators together with the MP’S at the parliament in Dodoma.