Gender Festival 2017

Gender Festival 2017
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Date(s) - 05, Sep 2017,08, Sep 2017
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

TGNP Mtandao


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Main Theme
: “Transformation of oppressive systems for gender equality and sustainable Development”

Background to the Festival

About the Organisers

The Gender Festival 2017 is coordinated by TGNP Mtandao working together with other partners, including the Feminist Activist Coalition (FemAct), grassroots activist participants in the weekly Gender and Development Series (GDSS), Knowledge Centre members and the many grassroots activist groups who are active partners in transformative movement building processes in several districts of Tanzania.

TGNP Mtandao is a feminist organization with the vision of a transformed Tanzanian society characterized by gender equality, equity, empowered women, and social justice. To achieve this vision, TGNP Mtandao seeks to build a transformative feminist movement for social gender transformation and women empowerment. For over 20 years, the organization has been at the forefront in the struggle for women’s rights, gender equality/equity and social transformation in Tanzania. With its vision and mission, TGNP Mtandao has crafted its identity on transformative feminist conceptual framework and ideology which challenges patriarchy and neo-liberalism. Transformative feminist ideology recognizes the intersection between gender, class, race/ethnic and national/global power relations, including age, corporate globalization, rural-urban, elite-illiterate, disability and other exclusionary social relations.

 About the Gender Festival

The Gender Festival is an open forum for likeminded individuals and organisations to come together to share experiences and knowledge, to celebrate achievements and assess challenges ahead, to strengthen networking and coalition-building, to build capacity and to contribute to public debate and plan collectively for social change from a feminist perspective. The first Gender Festival was organised in 1996; since then TGNP Mtandao, FemAct and their grassroots partners have successfully organised a series of 13 Festivals based on a variety of themes, reflecting the burning issues of the day. TGNP has also succeeded in organising mini Gender Festivals in 2014 at Tarime and in 2016 at Mkambarani Ward in Morogoro Region.

The Festival provides a unique space for activists from all walks of life to come together from every region of Tanzania, including Pemba and Zanzibar, as well as from neighbouring countries of Africa and beyond.