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Makinda: Women must work together for common cause
By Devotha John @Devothajohn
Dar es Salaam. Women politicians have been advised to put aside their ideological differences and tackle challenges
facing them together.
The call was made on Friday, March 23, by former Speaker of the National Assembly, 
Ms Anne Makinda during a workshop organised by (TGNP-Mtandao) for local government women leaders 
from different political parties.

“It is crucial for us to put aside our ideological differences and focus on matters of interest to our,” she said, adding that women hold a crucial role in improving social services.

Ms Makinda went further to underscore the need to have menstrual hygiene among school girls enhanced so as to enable them smoothly attend class without obstacles.

“The issue of menstrual hygiene is increasingly becoming a problem. There’re school girls who miss lessons due the biological clock. We need to address this problem by improving learning infrastructure in our schools,” she said.

She called on proper utilisation of funds allocated by local governments for youth, women, and people with special needs, adding that women leaders should come up with well researched projects that will help in allocating funds equitably.

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