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Re-thinking partnership for CSO’s in Tanzania: Curtailing resource scarcity for social development.

TGNP Mtandao teaming with the Gender Training Institute GTI have collaborated with Coady International Institute to conduct a 2 days training from 16th – 17th January 2018 at the Gender Resource Center Mabibo, Dar es salaam. The main objective is strategic partnership strengthening which involved various civil rights organizations in Tanzania. This is through re-thinking and evaluating on how the partnerships can speed up social development by utilizing the available resources.

Speaking during the opening of the workshop, Prof Saida Yahya, member of TGNP Mtandao elaborated on how partnerships can be useful in experience and knowledge sharing mostly achieving a certain goal that can’t be achieve independently as an individual or organization.

















Dada Saida Yahya ( middle) giving an opening remarks of the workshop. 

In addition to that, TGNP Mtandao, Executive Director, Lilian Liundi expressed on how it is an advantage to come together as one and re-think our strategies aiming the same desired goal not only with GTI but with fellow CSO’s.

“I would like to thank the Coady International Institute for this remarkable workshop which I believe coming together as one using the skills, knowledge, experiences and human resources we have as partners, we can help the marginalized women and men come together and achieve something that liberates them from poverty and various social economic oppressions” she explains.

TGNP Executive Director, Lilian Liundi speaking during the opening of the workshop.

During the workshop, Shelagh Savage a representative from Coady International Institute explained that partnership is not only through financial support but the knowledge and skills are of more of value and before making any partnership the main things to observe is making sure your intended partner has a common purpose, mutual benefits and clear roles to achieved the desired goal.

Shelagh Savage a representative from Coady International Institute faciliting various CSO’s during the workshop. 

The workshop was participatory giving spaces for each individual to share the understanding of partnership in any aspect. Participants were from civil rights organization such as TGNP, Haki Elimu, Tanzania Women Association, Fema Hip, TAWASANET, Legal and Human Rights Centre and many others human rights organizations.

Generally, TGNP Mtandao and GTI believe working with others to get what they can’t on their own.

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