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Vacancy Announcement

TGNP Mtandao

Vacancy Announcement

1.0        Background

TGNP Mtandao has been in existence since 1993, during which time it has built itself into a leading member of the women feminist movement for social gender transformation and women empowerment within Tanzanian, Africa and beyond. Its overall goal is to contribute to increased gender responsiveness of policy formulation and implementation of various policies. The approach of the organization is enhancing strategic linkages, networking and coalition building among like-minded civil society organizations, grassroots groups and key networks and coalitions. Over the years, TGNP has made a substantial contribution towards developing a critical mass of organized civil society with the capacity to critically analyze and stimulate public debate, and to carry out activism and collective action on pertinent social, cultural, political and economic development issues.

To adequately fulfill its objectives and in line with the expansion of its activities in the country, TGNP Mtandao is inviting applications from suitably qualified and self motivated Tanzanians of high personal integrity to apply for the vacant positions existing within the organization:

2.0        Vacant Positions

2.1        Senior Programme Officer: Policy Engagement and Movement Building

The Senior Programme Officer: Policy Engagement and Movement Building will be equality, social justice  responsible  for  catalyzing  Transformative  Feminist  and  advancing  women’s  rights,  gender equality, social justice and women’s empowerment. Will coordinate, implement and facilitate coalition and   linkage   building   activities   of   strategic   coalitions   and   partners,   especially   Women   Rights Organizations, outreach groups, national, regional and international networks. Also will coordinate organizations for movement building platforms and mechanisms for collective reflections, building consensus and strategizing for strengthening the transformative women’s movement. Further, facilitate the development/updating of systems and tools for the enhancement and documentation of coalition building  processes  and  activities.  Also  will  be  responsible  for  co-ordination  and  monitoring  of information-sharing, meetings/reflection sessions and networking of CSO partners. Specific activities will include:

  • Identifying  policy  advocacy  and  lobby  priorities  on  which  to  focus  efforts  of  the  feminist movement at grassroots and national level and coordinate implementation of advocacy activities
  • Promote the building, expansion and support of strategic linkages with other relevant actors, outreach  and  international  networks  to  achieve  the  ultimate  goal  of  feminist  transformation through increased information sharing and advocacy regionally, nationally, and beyond.
  • Design  and  coordinate  implementation  of  advocacy  activities  in  line  with  strategic  policy processes including SDG, FYDP, GBS, PER, Sectoral & Local government and Parliament
  • Development, implementing and monitoring events calendar national, regional, and international for policy engagement and campaign
  • Produce white papers and other materials in response to the policy gaps and needs identified from policy analysis and disseminate to relevant stakeholders
  • Carry out effective representation and publicity of advocacy issues to the relevant forum and/or public
  • Coordinate Gender festivals and other key platforms for movement building

Qualifications and key competencies:

A minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in social sciences or equivalent with major in policy analysis and Rural/Development studies plus Gender analysis & mainstreaming with a minimum experience of four (4) years of relevant work experience. Experience in policy analysis, NGO activism and organizing, advocacy and lobbying is added advantage. A master’s degree in similar field is an added advantage.

Key Competencies

  • Strong interpersonal, networking and organizing skills
  • Effective public speaking and presentation ability
  • Strong negotiating skills at high level
  • Mobilization skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills.

2.2        Senior Programme Officer: Communication for Movement Building

The Senior Programme Officer: Communication for Movement Building will be responsible for coordinating the production, distribution, dissemination, utilization/consumption of TGNP publications with aim to educate society about how to adhere to gender equality, equity and human rights in campaigning for policy change and building the women’s movement. Specific activities will include:

  • Build and generate high-quality evidence- based documentation for women’s movement: will collaborate with other programme staff to plan, coordinate and develop original communications materials  and  publications  to  inform  Organisation  Programme  and  women’s  movement,  for special initiatives and events, to showcase best practices and programs.
  • Develop content and review and edit drafts of diverse publications, prepare information brochures and factsheets; draft articles and re-package reports to communicate the achievements of major initiatives for distribution to various audiences.
  • Produce transformative stories of programme/project activities and initiatives for internal and external use.
  • Develop and or update communications and advocacy strategy and plans that will guide TGNP Mtandao in its external relations and internal communications.
  • Develop and deliver the communications department annual operating plan.
  • Work  on  organizational  visibility,  media  relations:  develop  and  support  implementation  of effective media plan relations at all levels to engage more effectively on issues of women and other marginalized groups.
  • Ensure development of advocacy oriented communications to support evidence based advocacy campaigns and movement building activities
  • Build  capacity  on  communications  of  TGNP  Mtandao  key  actors  and  selected  members  of women’s movements.
  • Ensure brand visibility and enforce quality and standards Develop and/or update and implement TGNP Mtandao branding guideline
  • Work with other programme staff to ensure consistency and compliance with TGNP Mtandao branding guidelines for all project related communication materials and products.

Qualifications and key competencies:

A minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences mass communication, public relations and/or journalism with specialization in information communication/media or equivalent and not less than four (4)  years  working  experience  in  creative  writing,  editing,  translation,  publishing  and  marketing.  A master’s degree in similar field is an added advantage.

Key Competencies

  • Ability to edit and write a wide range of materials, for a variety of target audiences;
  • Highly organized, detail-oriented and team-player with ability to manage outsourced work;
  • Advanced knowledge of desktop publishing & creative designing and productions of information related products
  • Demonstrable excellent verbal and written communications skills.

2.3        Programme Officer: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

The Programme Officer: Monitoring and Evaluation will be responsible for overseeing and facilitating learning;   planning   and   formulation   of   programs/project;   proposals   writing   and   fundraising implementation of monitoring and evaluation activities, including setting up/updating monitoring and evaluation systems, procedures and processes for the organization. Providing M&E technical assistance to all programmes within TGNP. Specific activities will include:

  • Identify priority quantitative data gaps in TGNP programme plans and operations and define key variables to be tracked in monitoring, evaluation and reporting to enhance TGNP ability to produce evidence based reporting on results achieved
  • Design and implement a monitoring and evaluation plan including design of data collection tools, training of users in the use of the tools
  • Capture  data  collected  into  appropriate  data  bases,  store,  process  and  generate  monitoring evaluation and reporting outputs
  • Set standards for key operations in TGNP for monitoring value for money at regular intervals
  • Develop tools for data collection on value for money audits and internal control procedures to ensure compliance with the set standards
  • Conduct value for money audits in targeted cost centres and organize learning sessions on results of value for money audits and follow up on agreed action points
  • Produce regular reports on M&E, plan and budget implementatio
  • Facilitate internal and external project evaluations and reporting on outcomes of such evaluation
  • Organize, mobilize resources for and implement sessions, attachments and other linkages for transfer of knowledge on TGNP vision, mission, values, feminist ideology and specific technical skills from founding generation to succeeding generations and youth among TGNP members and staff for feminist movement building for policy change

Key Qualification

  • A  minimum  of  a  Bachelor’s  degree  in  Social  Sciences  or  equivalent  preferably  with specialization in applied research methods and evaluation, including formal training in project management (M&E).
  • Three (3) years of working experience in a relevant field.
  • Strong  experience  in  monitoring  and  evaluation  of  complex  social  change  processes,  both qualitative and quantitative aspects;

Key Competencies:

  • Effective verbal listening and communication skills
  • Ability to prepare reports, proposals, policies and procedures
  • Effective PR skills and public speaking skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skill.
  • Knowledge of NGOs work and understanding of feminism/gender and development will be an added advantage

2.4        Programme Officer Human Resource and Administration

The Programme Officer: Human Resources and Administration will directly assist the Head of Programme Finance and Administration in HR related functions which will include recruitment, staffing, training and development, performance monitoring and employee counseling. Specific activities will include:

  • Recruiting and hiring process, including: advertising vacant positions, reviewing resumes, assist in conducting telephone and in-person interviews, making job offers and negotiating starting salaries.
  • Preparing all new employees paperwork and creating new personnel files, proper maintenance of employee files, and forms management
  • Ensuring compliance of Labour Regulations especially regarding employment eligibility, confidentiality,
  • Assist in managing performance management processes including organizing quarterly and annual employee performance reviews.
  • Plan and administer training and development programs for the purpose of developing/improving employees’ performance
  • Supporting in administering the payroll issues and use of a payroll management database, and report generation.
  • Provide team building and development solutions to strengthen teams and improve productivity
  • Coordinate development and implementation of HRD strategy and plans.
  • Provide support to employees in various HR related issues such as leave, compensation and any other issues that may arise.
  • Administer employee compensation and benefit plans
  • Working on logistics and other administration duties

Qualifications and key competencies:

Bachelor’s degree in social sciences with focus on HRM or equivalent with an interest and aptitude to work in Human Resources, or non-profit management/administrative fields and a working experience of not less than three years.

Key competencies

  • Ability to prioritize tasks and handle a number of assignments simultaneously (Multi task);
  • Understanding Labour Laws and disciplinary procedures;
  • Excellent in Microsoft Office and other relevant applications;
  • Excellent oral and written English,
  • Inter-personal and team building skills

4.0        Mode of Application

All applications supported with CV and other supporting documents to be submitted within 10 working days from date of first appearance this advertisement which is 09th February 2019. Application should be sent through the postal address below or delivered by hand at TGNP office.

The organization is an equal opportunity employer however women and youth are highly encouraged to apply. Applications should be addressed to:

The Executive Director
TGNP Mtandao,
P.O. Box 8921,
Mabibo Road,
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Note: Only short listed applicants will be contacted

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