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Re-thinking partnership for CSO’s in Tanzania: Curtailing resource scarcity for social development.

TGNP Mtandao teaming with the Gender Training Institute GTI have collaborated with Coady International Institute to conduct a 2 days ...
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School Gender Hubs Champions against Gender Based Violence.

TGNP Mtandao collaborating with school gender hubs from various primary and secondary schools in Kipunguni, Makumbusho and Mabibo wards, Dar ...
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How to fight female genital mutilation with economics

By Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, CNN Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (CNN) Seleiman Bishagazi never enjoyed the benefits of a university education, but he's ...
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APPLICATION CRITERIA AND FORM Mentoring is a personal development approach to assist those wishing to improve their own attitude and ...
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District councils unite for Gender Sensitive Budgets.

TGNP Mtandao hosted a two days experience sharing session with District chairpersons and mayors from Tarime, Ilala, Kishapu, Morogoro Rural ...
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Je unazijua siku 16 za kupinga ukatili wa Kijinsia?

Siku 16 za kupinga ukatili wa Kijinsia ni kampeni  ya Kimataifa  inayoongozwa na Kituo cha Kimataifa cha wanawake katika uongozi ...
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Why police make little progress on gender-based violence war

By Hellen Nachilongo @musanachi60 IN SUMMARY This is bad since it leads to the covering up of crime, the ...
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2017 16 Days of Activism Take Action Kit

DOWNLOAD HERE 2017_16_Days_of_Activism_Against_Gender-based_Violence_Action_Kit_Complete_September_28_2017  Take Action Kit By The theme of the 2017 Campaign is “Together We Can End GBV in Education!” ...
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