Experts embrace good parental care for girl child protection.

Esther Mwaikambo, a Professor and first female Tanzanian Doctor has counseled women to adhere on the good morals and ethics needed in the society in order to build up strong family with bright future.
She also challenged them to be strong and obedient enough to encounter several challenges instead of complaining to the government and other people daily.
She said women are the ones who are supposed to make sure that the family is equipped with intensive morals and ethical based conducts that provide an exemplary lesson to other family.
“You should not allow the challenges to put off your vision and goals, but you need to explore better solutions towards the matter,” she said.
According to her, the future of young girls and boys is on both parents, so if the parents will not adhere to good morals and ethics will automatically cause children to fall in poor behaviors.
She cited her experiences of life at her parental age that she managed to constantly focused on her ambitions to become a good mother with better family.
Mwaikambo added that despite all the challenges she came across within her family, but she didn’t gave up, but she keeps on praying, work and study hard to attain what she desired earlier.
Gender equality goes parallel with total commitment and adherence to accountability to better social life.
The Prof challenged women to put set up their priorities of what they want to achieve to in the life, instead of working on every matters at once.
Proffesor Esther Mwaikambo receiving an award from TGNP during the gender festival 2017,
as the first female doctor in Tanzania.