Women miners demand for technology investments.

In an effort to stimulate the government industrialization strategy, the women local miners have requested the stakeholders in the sector to empower them by investing in the technology and technical support to improve the industry.
Speaking at the just ended 14th Gender Festival event today, Rachel Njau Chairman for Tanzania Woman Mining (TWM) said that the current mining operations for women are still implemented at local level due to low or poor technology used in the sector.
She said that the society is suppose to put down the belief that women are not able to work in the mining sector, but they should give them chance by empowering them with essentials materials to take part in the industry effectively.
The Chairman said that the sector is still characterized by isolations and gender violence to women as the longstanding setbacks that needs immediate solution.
“We believe that we are able to cater for the sector if there will be enough investment and support from the concerned parties,” she said.
For her part Mary Rusimbi Executive Director for Women Funds Tanzania (WFT) said if women will not be supported in terms of technologically and technically in various sector will not be able to deliver effectively to the development.
“We ask the government to speed the process for reviving the troubled Tanzania Women’s Bank (TWB) to enable women to access capitals for their business,” she emphasized.
She also urges women to register their companies to government authority in order to facilitate smooth access to loans and other benefits.