Executive Director for Women Fund Tanzania (WFT) Mary Rusimbi during the 2017 GF.

Women entrepreneurs have underlined the necessity for the government to allocate enough financial and technical resources to women development groups to support them economically and socially.

They said that supporting women entrepreneurs initiatives will help to accelerate local markets for their produce as well as ensuring the achievements to the government industrialization strategy.

Presenting their joint recommendations to participants of the workshop yesterday at the ongoing 14th Gender Festival event in Dar es Salaam, Executive Director for Women Fund Tanzania (WFT) Mary Rusimbi said that there should be strategic plans to lift up women groups in the country.

The festival that has being organized by the Tanzania Gender and Network Programme (TGNP) offices in Dar es Salaam is focusing on assessing the achievements reached so far as well as the existing challenges that retard the struggle for gender equality.

She said that women entrepreneurs are still facing with lack of loans and reliable market information that retard them from progressing to external market.

Rusimbi added that the government should give priority to small and medium entrepreneurs to boost their activities that support local market.

For her part, Sophia Mosha said that the government and other stakeholders should join hands together to support various initiatives being implemented by the women that strives to get rid from poverty.

“We urged the responsible authorities to support women with essential resources including land to facilitate us in our activities,” she said.

She also challenged women to be creative by coming up with the ideas that can generate income for their activities.

According to her women’s development, groups and associations in all areas should observe transparency and accountability in the financial matters mainly to put trust to the sponsors and maintain the good image.

She also insisted the women entrepreneurs to operate their services legally by making sure that they register their business to the required authority.