Land conflicts bottlenecks Development. (GF17/TJ17)

Activists have jointly recommended the government to pass on the mandate for land ownership to villagers in order to eliminate the longstanding land conflicts with the investors, government and among them.

They also demand for transparency in the land ownership and decision making process purposely to help villagers to have needed information.

Mary Mwanyiku one of the activists said that ownership for land in the village is one of the challenging issues that regularly cause conflicts with foreigners, government and pastoralists.

She made remarks today at the ongoing 14th Gender Festival event at the Tanzania Gender and Network Programme (TGNP) head office in Dar es Salaam.

Mwanyiku said that most of the villagers depend much on land for agriculture and other related activities as their main economic activities which is different compared to the urban resident.

According to her, the government is supposed to rethink again by supporting the villagers with land so that they can contribute effectively to the economy of the country.

Another participant Godfrey Mweka said that the fifth goal of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires member country to give ensure gender equality and empowerment to all women and girls, hence they are supposed to be given equal access to land.

Mweka said that the current land laws does not give chances to villagers to decide upon the fate of their land whether to be used for business, investments or other purposes.

He added that there should be a mechanism to makes sure that women get access to land title deeds alike to men.

According to him, if women will be given equal opportunities to own land and title deed, some of land conflicts will no longer exist again because women are faithful and intelligent to manage.