Women demand Gender focused Land Policies (GF17)


Women farmers have reacted over the existing oppressive customary laws that deny them the right to posses land and other resources something that retards them from engaging in economic activities.

They said the laws undermine them to have access in agriculture and mining sector despite the fact that they are able to work in the sector.

Speaking at the ongoing 14th Gender Festival at the TGNP premises Sophia Mtweve a farmer based in Morogoro said that the government is supposed to intervene immediately to the society and to change the regime that undermines them.

She added that the struggle for gender equality in the society cannot be attained if there will be no policies and regulations that advocates for women rights to own and poses land and other resources.

“Despite all that, there is no adequate investment to women and marginalized groups in terms of financial and technical and infrastructure supports to make sure that they contribute to the economy,” she said.

According to her women in rural areas are mostly facing with many kind of oppressions which are highly contributed by taboos and bad customs.

Another participant of the workshop Elizabeth Zakayo said that the government is supposed to allocate enough budget to the empower women in the agriculture sector.

She added that the government economic empowerment fund for women should be allocated directly to their groups instead of channeling it to the unfaithful local government officials.

Lucia Akaro Gender Officer at the Ekama Development Foundation said urged the women farmers to shift to drip irrigation as a substitute to rain due to the existence of climate change.

She told them that they should not give up just because of poor cultural practices but they should work hard.