“Women can do it independently”-Hon Makinda

The former speaker of the National Parliament Anna Makinda yesterday challenged the women in Tanzania to embrace self-capacity and confidence and to belief that they are able to contribute to the development like other people.

She told them that they should not stay idle and wait for support from men, but they have to work hard to attain their own development.

“Every women are able to contribute effectively to the development without a push from men, because every person was born on his own capacity and capability to work and produce effectively to the society,” she said.

She was speaking at the ongoing 14th Gender Festival event that has being prepared by the TGNP Mtandao under the theme of ‘Transformation of Oppressive Systems for Gender Equality and Sustainable Development’.

The festival brought on board government officials, Ambassadors, United Nations representatives, Civil Society Organizations CSOs and other partners to discuss and assess the achievements and weakness presents in the struggle for gender equality.

“You need to assess yourselves on your daily activities to identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can improve your activities,” she added.

Makinda who is also a board Chairperson for the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) told the elite women that there is no need for them to offer corruption to get employment and other benefits because doing that it lowering their reputations.

Hon Anna Makinda (right) together with Lilian Liundi, TGNP Executive Director (Left) during the Gender Festival 2017

She emphasized them to work hard and observe the dignity and integrity at the workplace where they have been or they will be recruited to work in order to create a good image in the society.

The Chairperson insisted that it is very important to observe the laws, procedures, ethical conducts as well as policies that are applicable at the work place in order to adhere to them to become good worker.

“Women are believed to be intelligent and faithful, hard working and time keepers, so you have to make sure that you preserve such recognition,” Makinda stated.

She challenged them to join hands to lift the capital required for reviving the Tanzania Women Bank (TWB) that recorded a fall due to capital slowdown.

She said that if majority of women in the country had an account in the government owned institution, then the capital could not fall.